RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 5

by sanchaez | July 29, 2017

It's very good when things go as planned. And they do! The BULK INSTALL is here! Let's have a look.

Checkboxes are useful

Now you can select a bunch of apps in the app bar. In the statusbar you can see selected app count. Selection drops when the categories are switched.

Using "Select/Deselect button" will select all apps in the current view.

Install all apps at once

Pressing "Install" while there is a checkbox selection will open a download dialog. It contains a list of apps and the installation progress of each of it.
Currently the dialog downloads apps one by one and waits for the installation program to finish. 

Plans for the next week and Phase 3

Next week I'll work on these:

  • Separate download and install processes so downloads can occur while installing other apps;
  • Download confirmation dialog;
  • "Download only" checkbox;
  • Global selection (not based on category)
  • Start working on Setup mode;
  • Some refactoring.

Setup mode is a mode for RAPPS running with the ReactOS installation. When this will be complete user will be able to download and install apps from RAPPS while installing ReactOS! So stay tuned for the updates and see you next week.