RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 3 and 4

by sanchaez | July 21, 2017

Whoosh! Two weeks flew by in no time! Fortunately, I've done many things and have some screenshots to show!

Before we start, I have an anouncement: I'm going to Hackfest and FroSCon this August! I may not be very useful there, but I can discuss things related to the project, meet my mentor Mark Jansen and other devs. I will also learn from the ReactOS developers and FrOSCon workshops.  

Anyway, these two weeks were very productive. Check out the progress below.

Download dialog


The download dialog is now modeless. That means you can still use RAPPS while downloading an app! It is also possible to download multiple apps at once.

Translation & License info


RAPPS now shows if the app is translated to your language or English. It also shows the number of translations. This is achieved with storing LCID values in the config as a parameter. Before you ask, it is not the most readable solution, but it results in a smaller files and easier conversion. I also show the License info that I introduced two weeks ago. The text on the left is the name of a type whereas the text in braces is the actual name of the license.

Multiple selection


I've added checkboxes to the apps list and a button to sellect/desellect all. The selected apps will then be installed all at once. Right now, it is not enabled.

Other improvements

I've fixed a bug which caused the app view to redraw more than once causing flicker. I've also made some progress in converting RAPPS code to C++, class by class :)


  • Transforming the download dialog to show multiple downloads in status
  • Implementing download queue
  • Making checkboxes useful: Install button should send selected apps to the dialog all at once
  • Making further improvements and continue with conversion to C++

The Second Evaluation is coming. Stay tuned for the GSoC updates!