RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 2

by sanchaez | June 29, 2017

Another week - another update! This time I worked on the license info, update checking and other improvements to my work. These changes bring up many under-the-hood changes.

Dont worry, these changes may not look huge. I'm adding features and then worry about the visuals :)  But first things first. Let's have a look.


Before: no License prefix and no Installed version info




Update check

RAPPS can now suggest and update if the version installed is less than in the database. To achieve this RAPPS gets a version from the system registry and compares it with the value in the RAPPS database. Both values are shown in the info. 

License Info

One of the main ideas of this project it to highlight FOSS apps. This should boost open-source apps and help users that care only about freedom in their software. RAPPS database entries already have a License field and RAPPS showit right in the info. To strictly divide apps into categories I introduced a new LicenseType value. It is shown right before the License (see screenshot). This allows to have more clean code while not being much of a hassle to the future contributors. All existing entries will have to be updated and that can be easily done with some kind of script.  

Other improvements

I reduced the check for installed apps to a minimum. RAPPS previously checked a DisplayName entries in the Uninstall key of the registry. Now this check is unnoticable! Also, all the changes made above available in English, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Next step

I plan to add Languages section to the apps to the end of the week. Next week I plan to start working on a simple download manager where you can bulk download or install apps and do other small improvements on the way. Screenshots are postponed for now, although may be done if I surpass the schedule.