GSoC 2018 - booting from BTRFS works!

Hi, all! Here is what happened since last post: Freeloader is now able to read files and follow symlinks from btrfs partition. One major issue is left here - case sensitivity. BTRFS is case-sensitive file system, so paths like /ReactOS/System32, /reactos/system32, /ReactOS/system32 are different here. But in Windows world most software is written assuming that case does not matter during path lookup. This thing is solved in WinBtrfs driver, but for Freeloader it can be a bit tricky.

GSoC 2018 - boot sector finished

Hi all! Sorry, haven’t written anything for a while. Let me tell you what have been done since last post. BTRFS boot sector TL;DR: It works! I’ve been able to load main bootloader code from freeldr.sys into memory, transfer control to it and get on error message (freeldr.sys can’t find its config file - I haven’t written second-stage BTRFS code yet). It was not that easy because we are in x86 real mode when running boot sector thus only about 1mb of memory is available.

GSoC 2018 weeks 3-4 - understanding BTRFS internals

Hi all! This two weeks I was diving into btrfs structures and on-disk layout. Writing an ASM program from scratch is not that simple so I decided to convert a VirtualBox image with BTRFS filesystem in it to raw file and write a python script to parse and show internal filesystem structures. It was also useful for understanding how files are stored in FS, because information on btrfs.

GSoC 2018 - Project BTRFS Boot

Introduction Hi all! My name is Victor Perevertkin and I am the only GSoC student in ReactOS project this year :) This is my first GSoC and I was very excited when I realized that I was selected and there will be four mentors for me. I will definitely learn a lot from this internship! My project is both simple and complicated. I want to add to ReactOS an option to install on and boot from BTRFS partitions.

GSoC NTFS 2017 - Work Summary

This is a detailed summary of the work I've performed over the course of Google Summer of Code 2017. This was a continuation of my GSoC project from last year. Code Submitted You can check out my branch with SVN at You can find a list of commits made to my branch during GSoC 2017 at this link. I also worked on this project after GSoC last year and before the coding period officially began this year.

RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Final Report

Introduction ReactOS App Manager (RAPPS) is an app used in ReactOS to download apps, tested by ReactOS team and community. It also manages apps that are installed - you can view apps that are present on your system and uninstall them. The goal of this project was to improve RAPPS and add some very useful features. Here is a video presenting it's features: Quick Links SVN branch link Unified diff as a Gist Commits Overview Table of contents Introduction Building Testing Changes made during development Application List Improvements Bulk installing Script installation Other improvements Future work Conclusions Building Building RAPPS is no different as building parts of ReactOS.

GSoC’17 : Project Taskbar Shell Extensions for ReactOS | Final Report

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Shriraj (a.k.a sr13). The time has come to summarize all the work I have done in this Summer of Code with ReactOS and complete this journey of my first ever GSoC, though my story with ReactOS is just beginning! TL;DR of Project Taskbar Shell Extensions: # Designed & Implemented the Quick Launch Toolbar for ReactOS. # Designed & Added support for Battery Status in notification area (System Tray).

GSoC xHCI: Final Submission

Links: Link to my work: Link to check out using svn: All the commits log: Introduction: My aim is to develop driver for xHCI which is compatible with ReactOS. For the development I’ve used Windows 2003 server edition running on Vmware Workstation. The first link points to the folder in which all main code and header files are present. To view any file, click on it and in the log; against any revision, click on view/download to see the code.

GSOC Project TSE Week 11 : Last but not the least...

Hello, everyone! 0/ As you can see in the title, this is officially the last week of coding but not the least as we still have a week left until final evaluation period ends. As we are coming close towards the end of GSoC, you all might feel sad as I won't be able to share about my work anymore... :`( But hold your hankies, fellas, GSoC might end soon but my journey with ReactOS is just beginning.

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 10

Home stretch! Just a matter of days before Google opens up the GSoC final submission! I'll be using every minute I have available to me in the interim. Splitting A B-Tree Node Have I finally finished my magnum opus, allowing for file creation without limits on the number of files? Well, the bad news is, no, I still have more work to do on this. The good news, however, is I have this working in ReactOS!