GSoC 2019 - RAPPS

by Akshay1612 | June 11, 2019


Hello everyone, This is Akshay Patil, 3rd-year B.E CS student from VIIT Pune, lately working on RAPPS. The Google Summer of code, abbreviated as GSoC is an annual program in which Google pairs University Students to work with open source organizations and then awards stipends to students who are able to meet project milestones. This Summer I am working with ReactOS to improve RAPPS. ReactOS is a free and open-sourced operating system based on the Windows NT architecture, providing support for existing applications and drivers, and an alternative to the current dominant consumer operating system. During the Community Bonding period and later, it has been a profound experience to work under the guidance of my mentors Mark Jansen, @hbelusca. I can surely regard and relate to this experience as a platform where I can showcase and develop my C++ programming skills.

First Move

Downloaded Software

Downloaded Software

The target to be achieved this month is to add "Download" category and "Download" option to RAPPS. This category will contain all the softwares which are downloaded but are yet to be installed. I have successfully added a "Downloaded" Category and Download Option to RAPPS. WOO-HOO !!! We can download multiple software which will be saved in an already existing "RAPPS Download" folder and can be later installed as and when needed. Cool, isn't it?? Apart from this, a "Download" shortcut needs to be provided in the toolbar. And a lot more to come yet !! So, I just can't deny the fact that it's an immense pleasure and delight to work on this project which is going to be used worldwide.