GSoC 2019 - Developer Web Interface for ReactOS (Week 3 & 4)

by ayush_sinha | July 10, 2019

Hello Everyone !! Until week 2 we made API calls to the Branches and Commits Endpoint of the GitHub API and rendered it. So at the end of week 2, we were able to fetch Top 5 commits from any of the branches as required.

Week 3

  • UI Improvement
Till week 2 we just had a simple table showing a few very basic information about the commits. So we designed a collapsible Panel which can contain all information required from the API.
At first, the panel shows some basic commit information and upon clicking the panel you get all details.
Now, Just 5 Commits isn't sufficient So we made it 10 and added a Next and Previous button as well.

Week 4

In week 4, We made an API call to the Pull Request Endpoint and similarly designed to match with the Commits tab. After that, we added the State-based filter to get the required PR and Next and Previous button as well. Thanks for Reading :)