07 Jun 2019



GSoC 2019 - Developer Web Interface for ReactOS (Community Bonding and week 1,2)


Hey Everyone, I'm Ayush Kumar Sinha, A 2nd Year CS undergraduate from VIT Vellore, India and a GSoC student this year under ReactOS : )

How I got to know about the project

While scrolling through the list of accepted Orgs of 2018 (with filters like web, C++, javascript)I bumped into ReactOS. Hey!! they are building Windows-like OS from scratch, Sounds cool :). But the project ideas look quite hard with my existing C/C++ skills. But wait they have something for the web as well and that deals with GitHub API (I think I found a project )

Before the Application period

I explored Testman and Buildbot, got to know about its working and got a clear Idea about the Project. Ok, let's write a good Proposal

The Community Bonding Period

@colin-finck, @vicmarcal and @extravert34 are my mentors : D
In this period I learnt ReactJs, Redux and Redux-saga and their best practices which were essential to get started with the project. @smiley 's doc of what the developer Interface should look like made me more clear about the expectation of the community about this project ... Let's start Coding

Week 1

The task before the First evaluation is to fetch and render Commits and pull request.
In the first week,

  • made an API call to Commits endpoint
  • configured react-app to make use of Redux
  • Designed the header component with Reactstrap and boostrap

Week 2

This week is going on and I have made Good progress this week ( I think so !! ). All thanks to the self coding I did in the community bonding period.
In the Second week,

  • made an API call to branches endpoint
  • Rendered the latest commits and all branches to the client side
  • Deployed the Application on Heroku here

Now the Application shows you the 5 latest commits from master(by default). Upon clicking a particular branch, you can get the latest commits of that particular branch.
Hope I am Going on a good pace XD
Thanks for Reading : )

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