Anonymous spread word of ReactOS Kickstarter

by vicmarcal | February 10, 2014

An interesting tidbit.

First because the motto seems to be real: "We are All. We are everywhere".  Second, because they have just twitted the following::



As you may know, ReactOS began a Kickstarter campaign to create a business product to help supporting and boosting current ReactOS development.

What is it about?

Thorium Core is about taking the ReactOS operating system from the proof-of-concept and engineering stages to building a fast and lightweight solution that can be tailored to suit the computing needs of both private and commercial users.

But Thorium Core is not just about creating ReactOS versions adapted to specific user. Thorium Core also comes with a great surprise:

Think of it like this: You've got your phone and you sit down at your desk. Your phone connects to your monitor and a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. On the other end, your phone is connected to your operating system running virtualized on a server.  This way you have continuous access to not just your apps but also your documents. And when you're done, you get up and you grab your phone and go.

Later when you are on the road, you take your tablet and begin using your Android or Chrome apps or if you want to go in to workstation mode again, you can pair your Keyboard and Mouse to your tablet, turning it into a monitor and start using it as a workstation. A big advantage is that you can use real desktop apps, instead mobile apps, on your mobile device when needed. Another big advantage is the power consumption: Since all the processing work is done in Your Farm in the cloud, you aren't stressing the battery of your device and it will last much longer. Imagine using your Desktop App, full featured, in your Tablet or Mobile.

Thorium Core moves your favorite OS and your favorite Desktop apps to your mobile device.  So instead of being tied to a single phone or platform, your phone and tablet becomes OS agnostic, letting you to use your favorite apps everywhere.