GSOC Project TSE Week 4

Hi, everyone!!

So you all are still with me? Good!! ;)

As I had told last week, that this week will be rather an exciting one, and yes it indeed was. And the reason is, finally, you all will see a working (prototype) of the quick launch band. (yay!!)

GSOC Project TSE Week 3

Hey there! Great to see you all in my 4th blogpost of this series. ;)

So far, so good!! No blockers and nothing to worry about, and just being around reactos community is pure fun. Coming straight to the point, this week I continued what I had left last time and that was the james band... err.. i mean CISFBand!! XP

Interrupt mechanism: eHCI vs xHCI

This blog post is first one of a series of posts which will deal with various topics related to xHCI (usb 3.0). I'm Rama Teja one of the participants in GSOC 2017. My project is to develop xHCI driver for ReactOS with the help of my mentor Thomas Faber. In the xHCI documentation given by Intel there are three major topics i.e., Register Interface, Data Structures and Operational model. The hardware controller's register interface is used to send commands to it or get the status etc., Data structures are components in the memory space allocated to the Driver. Operational model defines how the controller works i.e., how to initialize the controller, how to connect a device etc.

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 2

All is going well :). Since the last update, I've checked off a minor TODO related to file creation: increasing the size of the master file table, if needed.

Every time the mft grows, it creates several empty file records at a time. In the past, I was using this to my advantage, and was only creating files in empty slots that already existed. Every time I got an error saying there wasn't enough space for a new file, I'd boot into Windows, create a file (which would increase the mft size), and get back to testing.


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