GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 4

I won't lie; it's been a slow week, feature-wise.

I guess you could say that last week was all about finding and fixing bugs and errors with the driver. During the first half of the week, I upgraded my automated tester to test file creation, and I fixed a couple of bugs it turned up. I used the second half of the week for addressing issues raised by CR-123.

RAPPS Enchancements: GSoC 2017 Edition Volume 2

Another week - another update! This time I worked on the license info, update checking and other improvements to my work. These changes bring up many under-the-hood changes.

Dont worry, these changes may not look huge. I'm adding features and then worry about the visuals :)  But first things first. Let's have a look.

xHC Operational Model Overview

In this post I’m going to give some details on the working of xHC along with my progress. In my opinion Driver development is for the most part thoroughly studying the documentation. I’m working towards my next major target i.e., Implementing Control transfer. In this process I’ve faced some unforeseen issues. From the previous USB models and the available driver code my estimates of xHC turned out to be inadequate. xHC uses various kinds or data structures, more than what the other HC’s use.

GSOC Project TSE Week 4

Hi, everyone!!

So you all are still with me? Good!! ;)

As I had told last week, that this week will be rather an exciting one, and yes it indeed was. And the reason is, finally, you all will see a working (prototype) of the quick launch band. (yay!!)


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