GSoC: USBxHCI driver development work status

Welcome to my third blog post. Sorry for the missed blog post from last week. I was stuck over an issue which kept me occupied. With the help of community I finally got over it. I had to calculate an address by adding a value taken from another register to the base address. This led to a typecast issue. Due to huge number of steps required to generate interrupt I didn't suspect the problem to be where it is initially. In this post I'll detail my steps on how I found out where the problem was.

GSOC Project TSE Week 6 : Phase 2

Hey, guys!

Six weeks have passed since I started my journey of coding with ReactOS. It was a wonderful time full of learning, coding, and fun.

In terms of productivity, this week was not that great as compared to weeks before. But I can say it was an essential decision making and learning week.

GSOC Project TSE Week 5

Hey there! 0/

Last time you must have seen some snapshots of where the QuickLaunch has reached. Seeing the UI and some functionalities in the snaps must have given you a feeling that it's complete and finished. But, Nah... a lot of work is left, besides debugging so that Dr. Watson would finally be free of his postmortems!! XP


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