Drag&Drop and Improved interactions.

One of the main issues people trying out ReactOS have complained about is the clunkiness of the shell and how things they expect to work don't. As the shell serves as the main gateway to using the operating system, if it is hard to use then the OS itself becomes hard to use.

When talking about "interaction" we can think in two different ways of interaction: The interaction between the user and ReactOS Explorer and the interaction between applications and ReactOS Explorer(well, really the Shell).

Contributions: MS Office 2003

ImageThis time a double-win.

Not so long ago trying to run a whole office suite was almost a dream. Just launching an app was a success.There was just one complex suite almost working: "SoftMaker Office 2008". A nice, and mostly unknown, Microsoft Office clone. It was such a good Office clone that it is closed and non-free.

Contributions: TeamSpeaker!



After opening the totally unofficial, irrelevant, NôÓbsletter section, now it's time to open a new serious section oriented and opened to the Community. Because, as you may know, an opensource project has sense thanks because its supporting Community behind it.

Welcome to this awesome, yours, "Contribution" section.

From time to time astonishing content is created by the Community and shared through IRC or Forum. It's a pity that such content keeps moving just in the inner circle. It's time to promote it to the World!To the Website Frontpage!

Todo list: ReactOS edition

So there is this tendency amongst the community to ask why the project doesn't do this or the project doesn't do that. A lot of the stuff people want done would tend to fall into my area of responsibility. I tend to frown upon people who make more work for me so I often push back, hard, requiring that others demonstrate their willingness to do some heavy lifting before I will consider a proposal. For some reason or another some people find this pushback hard to swallow, as if the hard work was done when they came up with the idea. As any programmer will tell you however, ideas are cheap.

The shell

A part of me feels a tad guilty testing all of you with promises regarding shell progress. Another part of me feels no guilt whatsoever and I tend to listen to that part more. It helps having no conscience when doing PR, I have found.


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