The Starts and The Menus

The week began by implementing the functionality needed to handle clicking on menu items. This involved sending a callback notification for the currently selected item, asking the callback to execute the appropriate action of the item.

Some of the items are not meant to be clicked on and are supposed to show a submenu instead. For these items I had to subclass the toolbar windows so that I could add a timer on hover and handle the opening of the submenu in the resulting WM_TIMER event, which would be received by the toolbar, but needed to be handled by my code.

Shell experiments: Progress on the start menu

Work, this week, began with finishing the initial implementation of CMenuSite. This class and the window it creates act as an intermediary between a BaseBar and a MenuBand, forwarding the events and messages either to the child band, or to the parent bar, as necessary. It handles the sizing of the child band, to adapt it to changes in the available space. It also provides certain services related to the positioning and sizing of the child bar, which it handles by forwarding some requests to the child, and the rest to the parent.


A lot of people have expressed excitement or enthusiasm regarding ARM though when asked to explain their enthusiasm the result has often been incoherent babbling. In other words, the vast majority of people still have trouble communicating their thoughts in a clear and, more importantly, concise, manner. ARM is interesting though and from multiple perspectives. The biggest point is the amount of processing power it represents despite its small physical, power, and thermal footprint. A decade ago, the computation capabilities of systems in that same space were anemic to say the least.

Anonymous spread word of ReactOS Kickstarter

An interesting tidbit.

First because the motto seems to be real: "We are All. We are everywhere".  Second, because they have just twitted the following::



As you may know, ReactOS began a Kickstarter campaign to create a business product to help supporting and boosting current ReactOS development.

What is it about?


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