Leak-leaking leaks

I began the week by fixing the issue where the right button wasn’t detected by the code managing the start menu and submenus.

I had been told that there was a JIRA issue related to the shutdown dialog, and that it had been implemented in some way in trunk already. I considered the means of calling that dialog from the shell32 function the start menu calls, but I dropped the idea some hours later, when I decided the code in msgina wasn’t designed to be called externally.  At some point someone will have to copy the needed code over to shell32, and replicate the dialog there.

On installers

The ReactOS installer is probably one of the oldest extant chunks of code in ReactOS that has not undergone significant overhauls for a very long time. Besides some tuning by Alex Ionescu to reduce resource usage and adding initial support for removable devices by Cameron Gutman, it has not seen any real major changes since Eric Kohl put it together all those years ago. For the developers, this was not too much of an issue since the installer did its job perfectly fine for the most part.

Small Hickup

Hello everyone!

This update will be rather short.

At the same time I was writing last week's post, I had already started to feel sore in my throat.
By Sunday evening, I had a slight fever, and by Monday it was obvious that I must have caught a flu.

I have been trying to poke around as I was recovering, but I couldn't really focus enough to do anything complex.

I don't like leaving everyone wondering, so I decided to post, even if it's a little late already.


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