PITA bugs part 4

Most of the developers already know this, but my current job is as an engineer working on firmware and software for the trigger system of the Large Hadron Collider (yes, the thing that discovered the Higgs boson). Triggers are basically filters that take in the raw data coming out of the LHC and whittle down the noise to figure out what data is worth keeping and what can be discarded. This is something of a necessity as one of the physics professors that I spoke to mentioned the LHC generates something like a terabyte of data a second when doing collisions.

Spilling the Wine

After the frustration of last week, I decided to take one last look at Deleaker, and try to figure out why it crashes in ReactOS during COM registration.

Contributions: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

Thanks to BlackFox, we are proud to announce that "C&C: Red Alert 2" is now running in ReactOS.

So if you have a "lazy evening" just give it a try and enjoy the Allied or the Soviet campaigns!

A GamePro reviewer said about this game: "Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is the best 2D real-time strategy game since Starcraft".




Machining Virtually

As I said in the last report, the week began by setting up a development environment in a Windows Server 2003 VM.

I had to install Visual Studio 2010 and RosBE, and then download and compile the source code to verify that everything was working correctly. When I tried to compile, I realized two things. First, that vs2010 is much buggier than I remembered, and second, that compiling in a Virtual Machine with one cpu core is very very slow.

Leaks and corruption

After I finally managed to write last week’s report (have you ever tried to write something, and the words wouldn’t come out at all?), I continued looking at those nasty menu leaks.

In an attempt to make the task simpler, I started looking for software with the ability to detect USER handle leaks. I checked the free (libre) alternatives first, but after not much luck I moved on to free (beer) software, and to fully commercial and proprietary software, when I finally found Deleaker.


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