Moonshot Finale

The virtual conference room was deathly quiet as Colin and Z finished their report.  The gathered represented the core of the project’s decision makers as well as a few of the relevant developers and alumni.  All of them were gapping in some fashion or another at the two men standing before them.  The first one to verbally react was KJK, who burst out laughing.  The others looked somewhat incredulously at him until he managed to recompose himself.

“Sorry, sorry, this is just too good.”

Locked at Sharing

Hello again!

You may remember from last week I said I would need more information in order to implement the mechanism browseui uses to open new windows in an existing process.

Well, spoiler alert if you haven’t read the SVN log: I got the information, and I wrote an implementation.

First of all, it turns out message 1037 is related to the rooted idlists. Since rooting is completely unimplemented at all the levels down to the implementation of the idlists, I stopped trying to figure out that message, and instead focused on the important one, 1035.

Moonshot Part 3

The answer to the mystery about the bunnies’ extracurricular activities came soon enough, in no small part thanks to the amount of time the two spent investigating.  The bunnies were extremely useful helper utilities and if they were suffering from a bug, it needed fixing otherwise the project would risk losing one of its more useful tools.  By the end of these events the bunnies would be considered one of the core assets underpinning the entire project.

“Colin, I think I found out what the bunnies are doing,” Z said as he walked into the room.

Shared memory messages


Another weekend, another report.

The week was slightly shorter for me due to having the project defense on Tuesday, so I spent most of Monday preparing for the presentation, and most of Tuesday afternoon recovering from it. If you are curious, I got a 9.5/10 on the project. ;P

In the context of the shell, this week I mostly continued my investigations on the IPC mechanism used by browseui to open new windows in the existing process.


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