Plugging Leaks

David is currently a tad busy getting the shell branch ready for the big merge, so I am taking over his usual report this time. Last week was a flurry of activity as David, Giannis, and a community member who wishes to be identified as "V" (those of you in IRC will know who he is, but he requested that we refrain from posting his nick and I expect the rest of the community to honor his request) investigated the large number of memory leaks that explorer_new suffered from.

MIAOW Open Source GPU

About a year ago I basically disappeared from the project, showing up only very intermittently to write up snippets of text as requested by the team. The reason was I was ramping up for my master's project, an attempt to put a GPU design on an FPGA. For those of you who do not know what FPGAs are, think of them as chips that you can modify the digital logic on to change its functionality. MIAOW, as the GPU was called, was originally created by I'd say 20-30% of a graduate level computer architecture course.

PITA bugs part 5

I mentioned in my last rant about annoying bugs that I do firmware development for the LHC triggers. In addition to that however, as one of the people with experience doing low level embedded programming on the team, I can get tapped to work on a variety of other systems. Recently I was asked to update an old AVR microcontroller codebase that was written for a proprietary toolchain to use AVR-GCC.

View Popups and Unreliable Operations


It’s this time of the week again where I have to sit down and try to remember everything I have been doing over the week.

I began the week by looking at some older pending bugs. First, I looked at an issue where using the branch with the vmware audio driver installed would crash stobject.dll and because it’s loaded into explorer-new, the rest of the desktop and taskbar. I couldn’t reproduce this issue, so I moved on.


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