GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 10

Home stretch! Just a matter of days before Google opens up the GSoC final submission! I'll be using every minute I have available to me in the interim.

Splitting A B-Tree Node

Have I finally finished my magnum opus, allowing for file creation without limits on the number of files? Well, the bad news is, no, I still have more work to do on this. The good news, however, is I have this working in ReactOS! (most of the time)

Check it out, here's a gif of me creating 700 brand-new files with my tester in ReactOS:


Finally the driver is generating multiple interrupt without any issues. Whenever a device is connected or disconnected an interrupt is being generated. In windows 2003 server edition, when a device is attached windows is recognizing that some unknown device is attached and also in the device manager we can see attached devices though they are not initiated.

GSOC Project TSE Week 10

Hi, everyone! 0/

Tick-Tock is coming to an end, and the next week is perhaps the last week of coding before final evaluation starts! ;P But let's be calm and discuss what happened last week. And as promised, I managed to get some demonstrable snaps this time. So, here we go!

GSoC NTFS 2017 Update 9

Last week went pretty well! :)

In my last post, I talked about how I needed to refactor some code to fix a bug. I'm really happy with how this turned out.


As I mentioned before, the driver has a struct called an NTFS_ATTR_CONTEXT which keeps track of information related to attributes. The main purpose of the structure is to keep vital information about the attribute cached in memory, but it's also just a convenient way to pass information about attributes between functions and the driver relies on it quite extensively.

xHCI : A life lesson learnt

Recently I’ve worked on Scratchpad allocation. Scratchpad buffers are PAGESIZE blocks of system memory which the xHCI uses to store its internal state. xHCI can request 0 to 1024 buffers. Number of buffers required is given in the HCSPARAMS1 register. Each buffer is a PAGESIZE block aligned to PAGESIZE boundary.


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