Google SoC lwIP Conclusion

My Google Summer of Code project proposal stated that I would add TCP support to the network branch of ReactOS, which sought to integrate lwIP 1.4.1 as the protocol level network driver for the operating system, to ultimately be tested by replacing the network driver in an installation of Windows Server 2003 with my driver.

NTFS Write Support GSoC - Week 12

I said in my last update that I was aware GSoC was coming to an end, but in truth I don't think I realized just how close the end was coming. I need to be completely finished in much less than a week from now!

Near the middle of the week, I was mostly finished with the code to create a new file record in memory. This progressed quickly, thanks to the time I put into diagnostic output and researching the file records that Windows creates. Here's a screenshot I took in the middle of the process:

Google SoC lwIP Report Week 12

In week 10, I had completed a major rewrite of my driver. In week 11, I dove into the problem of lwIP not being thread-safe once again. While I was able to deal with most of the individual bugs that kept popping up, each one was taking me more time to solve due to the haphazard nature of my previous fixes. At the beginning of last week, it was quickly becoming more apparent that I would need to rework most of my code once again if I wanted to have any hope of circumventing the multithreeading issue once and for all.


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