Word 2010 support – Weekly report – Part 3: Installation progress

Hello everybody. Today I am going to summarize my progress on Word 2010 installation so far, concerning the main two problems I did encounter: setting a correct environment block for services, and understanding why the SLInitialize function fails, leading to the failure of the Word 2010 installation. The third problem, namely correctly stopping services, will be addressed in a subsequent report. Reading the two previous weekly reports: "Part 1: Installation", and "Part 2: Installation (cont.)", is strongly advised ;-)

Word 2010 support – Weekly report – Part 2: Installation (cont.)

In this second report I continue my investigations on the Word 2010 installation. Last time we saw that our services (and in particular the "Office Software Protection Platform" OSPPSVC service) were started without a complete environment block, and as a result some needed environment variables were missing, causing e.g. OSPPSVC to fail opening some of its files. We now analyse what happens after my local fix (NOTE: I have not committed the fix yet, as I validate it in my local installation first).

Retesting the installation (hacked way)

After having fixed the environment variables problem, I decided to retry the Word 2010 installation. Sadly it again failed at the same place (MSI action "CAInitSPPTokenStore.x86" failure with error 1603), so I decided to attempt to see what happened if I worked around the failure. I placed breakpoints in our MSI code where the installation error is caught, in order to overwrite the failure error code with a success code (0: ERROR_SUCCESS) to make the installation continue, and thanks to that I was able to finish the installation. This allowed me to confirm that only the MSI action "CAInitSPPTokenStore.x86" actually failed.


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