[ros-web] Status of my Website changes

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Fri Apr 24 08:29:30 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As a note for myself and maybe others, here is my work log and the
current status of the website changes I recently committed to SVN.
Due to my bachelor thesis work beginning next week, it may take some
time till I can work on the website again.

* The old /srv/www on Playground has been renamed to
/srv/www-old_no-working-copy. As you can imagine, a clean SVN working
copy of https://svn.reactos.org/web/trunk/www has now been extracted
into /srv/www.

* Latest Drupal and MediaWiki have been extracted into the empty folders
of the working copy. Afterwards, an SVN revert was necessary to restore
the files we had modified in our working copy.
phpBB is still entirely in SVN as our version is heavily modified.

* A simplified nginx configuration file has been installed into
/etc/nginx/nginx.conf. Furthermore, the files in sites-enabled have been
adapted to the versions on Rose-Web. Finally, I've added a self-signed
certificate on Playground to also test HTTPS.

* Uploaded files from the following directories in
/srv/www-old_no-working-copy/www.reactos.org needed to be copied into
the new directory hierarchy in /srv/www/www.reactos.org:

   - forum/images/avatars/upload
   - sites/all/modules
   - sites/default/files
   - sites/default/settings.php
   - wiki/images

* All Drupal caches needed to be flushed before RosWeb worked for the
first time.

* In the beginning, the Playground front page showed all links of all
languages for some reason. This has somehow be fixed by logging in and
updating all Drupal modules.

* MediaWiki's Drupal authentication integration is totally broken with
latest MediaWiki. Needs some more research.
This is the actual blocker before the changes can go to Rose-Web.

* Even with no visitors, the Playground website is incredibly slow. The
Metatag module has already been disabled. I believe that this could be
fixed by reducing the number of enabled Drupal modules to the ones we
really need.
Looking at the database, the "visitors" table is the next one that is
growing without limits. I don't believe such detailed logging is
actually necessary.

- Colin

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