[ros-web] Rethinking web repo

Zachary Gorden drakekaizer666 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 1 20:42:59 UTC 2013

Right now the layout of the repo is, in the considerable opinion of
Aleksey and myself, less than optimal. We have the entire drupal,
phpbb, and wiki codebases as part of the checkout, which is excessive
to say the least. I don't know enough about the wiki and phpbb
codebases in the repo to comment directly on them, but the following
proposal for how to deal with drupal can serve as a template.

The only thing inside the "drupal" directory of the repo will be the
things in sites that are custom modules and themes. Everything else
will be dropped. An install of our site will involve a vanilla install
of drupal whose sites directory is version controlled against the web
repo. This way we can test out changes and commit them as needed
from/to playground and deploy them via version control to production.
The rest of drupal's modules, themes, and core should only be updated
via drupal's own internal mechanisms.

I'd like comments from others about how extensive our phpbb and wiki
customizations are, so that we can replicate the above proposal as

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