[ros-web] May 2012 Meeting Minutes

Zachary Gorden drakekaizer666 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 2 20:08:34 UTC 2012

19:00 UTC
dev.reactos.org, #meeting

* Meeting started at 19:08 UTC by Aleksey Bragin.

* Point 1: Website Revamp

* Danny Goette explained that about a month ago he started a new
approach for the website revamp, based on the typo3 cms, with a theme
based on the current website, a working forum (a mm_forum extension
for typo3) that has all the data of our current phpbb forum, along
with current user accounts imported from roscms. He also mentioned
that the software for the wiki is subject to change from mediawiki
(which is tricky to update) to dokuwiki (which is easy to update, and
brings some other benefits like acl).
* He mentioned that software like getbuilds, testman and compatdb
already "works" with the new cms by adopting the design and user
management, but they are subjects to rewrites as typo3 extensions,
something that can be done after the release/switch.
* Danny also explained that he is working on authentication for
atlassian tools against the typo3 user database, which does not work
at the moment, but the code is nearly finished.

* The discussion then moved to the content and the translations, with
a minimalistic approach towards moving content from the actual website
to the new one. Ziliang Guo already started working on it in the
drupal effort, and he mentioned that he'll migrate those into the
typo3 effort whenever possible. As to translations, the members agreed
that the languages which are badly outdated should not be maintained
anymore. These plans are far from being finalized, because the revamp
is still ongoing, so there's still time to bring up the current
translations up to speed.

* Point 2: Trunk Status

* Olaf Siejka stressed that developers need to start actually fixing
the reported bugs in order for the bug tracking system to be useful.
James Tabor explained that his development work is completely focused
on the reported bugs. This sets a good example of how developers
should handle the bug tracking system.

* Point 3: Automated Regression Testing based on AutoHotKey

* With the absence of Amine Khaldi and Edijs Kolesnikovics, Olaf
Siejka gave an overview of AutoHotKey and how we're leveraging its
power to create an automated regression testing framework. He
explained that it's not far from being ready, and presented a couple
issues that stand on its way, issues that are being tackled.

* Meeting closed at 20:18 UTC by Aleksey Bragin.
* Minutes written by Amine Khaldi.

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