[ros-web] plan to delete non english posts from the wiki

DangerGround DangerGround at web.de
Mon Sep 15 06:01:15 CEST 2008

My plan is to delete all non english pages from the wiki, but only no 
one has valid points against my plan (but they might provide a better 
solution than the current state).
Some pages could also move to the roscms interface.

== My Points against keeping the current situation with multiple 
languages in the wiki ==
* we would need someone from every language(which is in the wiki) to add 
interwiki linking (to the english article), so that we're able to remove 
all that stuff that also exists as roscms page or is already deleted or 
no more needed
* e.g. No/ has a lot of articles, and a lot of them are orphaned
* we need a interface to compare between versions, like in roscms
* also a list of outdated translations, to give it someone who cares about
* developer and tester should be able to read english, makes the 
communication between them possible and as the wiki should focus on 
them, there should be no problem with removing translations this articles
* existing manpower could be used better to concentrate on roscms 
* search doesn't work well with the current situation, you may want to 
search for 'Subversion' and you'll get the english article for 
'Subversion', also if there exists a article in your language, only with 
another language prefix

== some statistics ==
* ~ 220 articles in languages other than english exists
* ~50 articles are subject for deletion, because the better fit into the 
roscms (partially the articles exist)
* ~50 articles focusing on development / documentation
* ~20 only important for the wiki

* ~ 60 articles not linked by another article
=== articles per language ===
* No - 62
* De - 38
* Fr - 28
* It - 27
* Ru - 17
* Pt - 12
* Ja - 10
* Es - 9
* Zh - 6
* Nl - 4
* Ko - 3
* Pl - 1

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