[ros-web] freenode.net

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Sun Jun 25 10:06:54 CEST 2006

only four of ReactOS devloper are in connected to freenode.net irc chanel at moment
rest are being refuse to connect to freenode.net. and it is extream few freenode.net admin
on thuse servers. DrFred are trying get hold on freenode.net admin

mean time I sugest we using a temperay channel and irc servers until freenode.net
return to normal state. 

I sugest efnet channel #reactos mean time. one of efnet servers irc.efnet.fr
I am already there

I hope all user and devlopers reading this
for we do not known when freenode.net returns to normal when it does we switch back

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