[ros-web] Search author for ReactOS Weekly Newsletter

Klemens Friedl frik85 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 21:20:10 CEST 2006

We search an author for our "ReactOS Weekly Newsletter".


Jason Filby had established the ReactOS Weekly Newsletter (called
"ReactOS Weekly") in 1999 as a useful weekly news summary located on
www.reactos.com. In 2000 the newsletter had been discontinued. With
the website redesign in summer 2005, the newsletter came back with
Stuart "TwoTailedFox" Robbins as author.


Here are requirements for an author:

1. Have enough time once a week to write the newsletter text (e.g. every sunday)
2. Be good in english language
3. Understand our technlogy (svn, reactos, windows nt, win32, kernel,
drivers, apps, etc.)
4. Be in frequent contact with the ReactOS developer, and come in our
IRC channels too (because mailing list traffic may be sometimes slow)
5. HTML knowledge is not required but an advantage


The "ReactOS Weekly Newsletter" should be weekly (as the name implies)
and sum up the ongoing mailing list discussions as well as irc
Additionally it should contain ReactOS news, like new releases.
>From time to time interviews, reviews (of apps compatibility and
reactos functions and releases) and maybe audio-podcasts, etc. would
be great too.
The layout of the newsletter issue page can be the same as the latest
one (e.g. http://www.reactos.org/xhtml/en/newsletter_11.html), similar
as WineHQ's one, or different.

Previous newsletters - links:

10/2005 - 02/2005:

1999 - 2000:

WineHQ'S newsletters:

Mailing List Information:

IRC Channel Information:

So... if this sounds like something you would like to do, please reply
to this mailing list email explaining why you you think you would be a
good newsletter author.

Klemens Friedl

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