[ros-web] RE: Ros-web Digest, Vol 10, Issue 1

Lucio Diaz reactos_translate at yahoo.es
Wed Oct 12 01:57:45 CEST 2005

Please, i am trying to contact the web team to
colaborate in the web page, i have been following the
proyect for YEARS!, before 0.2.0 was released, i am
trustable, i signed to the mailing list almost as soon
as they started, i have been in IRC as miles or
naismith, always asking the same, LET ME HELP!. Just
give me a freaking pass, so i can update parts of the
web page, so i dont have to "eat the ear" (as we say
in my country) of someone to make him post my updates
or tutorials. I already have lots of work, so please,
let me help but dont make it a pain in the *** to help
you (with tutorials, news, translations...) 

Example: i have translated to spanish several rc
files, but as i have no SVN access, i have no way to
publish them (and no, i can not police someone to make
him upload them... maybe when i have a lot done it
will worth the effort), so i loss motivation and
focus. Again, please USE ME (not sexually unless you
are a freaking beautifull girl ;-)

Best regards,

Lucio Diaz-Flores Varela.

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