[ros-web] New proposed frontpage for reactos.com

James Dodd admin at doddnetwork.co.uk
Wed Mar 30 12:49:13 CEST 2005

Hey all

Here's my view on the new look:

I think people are right with the about page.
People will have a lot of initial question.
There is already a FAQ so maybe this just needs extending with a few simpler
points? Such as "what is React OS?"

I think the design is still lacking something:

The colour scheme isn't exactly working well with the logo for me,
Try: #3a556e;

I also think that the positioning of the menu is slightly off and should be
made more focal:

In this design I've added a container with limited widths (I just prefer
Header background colours have changed to the above,
I've also moved the language bar to the top of the screen...

It's a little easier for non English speakers to find without having to
browse the page!

I agree with points about the table design and I will play with CSS to
create an alternative this way if you like!

Basically the overall design seems to look to technical its looking a little
old hat and pretty 90's 'X OS like (unix and linux sites!)

Even these companies are moving away from this and creating a more user
friendly approach to their sites which intern represents their OS.

The new site at the moment does seem more appropriate to developers as
apposed to attracting new audiences.

Sorry if my criticism is a little harsh.
But that is what this is all about isn't it!

James Dodd

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On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 09:32:04PM +0200, Jason Filby wrote:
> Hi all
> Jh sent me a better look: http://reactos.com/newsite/reactos_index.html
> I think it looks better!
> I've also reworded our slogan at the top to read what Steven suggested.

A few points:

* the screenshot should be clickable
* imho the navigation should grab somewhat more attention
* as suggested, an about page, which would be the best to link from the
  slogan with something like 'read more...' i think

And at last a technical point. Imho we should really use webstandards.
That means no tables for layout and valid and semantic html (use <ul>
for lists for instance, no use of <b> and <i>, etc). If no-one with
knowledge of this is available i can understand we don't do that though,
though i'm willing to assist with questions (but not code the html/css
since i really don't have enough time).


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