[ros-web] New ReactOS Homepage - RosCMS System suggestion

Klemens Friedl klemens_friedl at gmx.net
Thu Jul 14 23:26:49 CEST 2005


I wrote this because a new ReactOS homepage is as far away as in winter 2004

And in my opinion, it is better to online with the new website before
ReactOS 0.3 reach the final state.

This week I spent a lot of time to make the homepage building process a big
step forward.
I wrote a simple CMS system (I called it "RosCMS"). It is a hybrid of a real
CMS System and a Wiki System.

I implemented my homepage (design) suggestion with this system, and it works

Try & test it yourself:

I rember the words "Writing custom CMS for single project is maddness ..."
someone posted on the mailing list some weeks ago.
But was not so hard to implement such a CMS System. The main part or the
RosCMS is the generator. This generator written in php is a small script
that allow the admin, translator, etc. to generate the html/xhtml pages.
They are static pages to reduce server load, to survive slashdots days
better ...

The second function of the generator is to provide the admin, translator,
developer, etc. an online preview of the homepage. The generator generate
the pages in a dynamic way in some milli seconds and provide the viewer the
homepage (with the latest changes, that maybe are not online viewable for
normal users -> static pages)

Online preview:

The generator change all links in the pages to provide a great interface and
link all pages together, also in the static pages. So it is possible to
change the language on every static page without javascript or a server side
script (like php, asp, etc.). Only static html or xhtml pages are used.

Try the language support: select your favorite language with the combobox
(left menu bar). Note: Only the frontpage and the menu bars are translated
in the different languages (because I did'nt had the time to add more

Another advantage is that the generator is able to generate html and xhtml
pages. The whole content is generated from database data or text files. The
design and the content are splitted so it will be no big problem to change
the design.

The biggest advantage: the whole generation process took only some milli
seconds on a standard pc / server.

I implemented my homepage suggestion with the RosCMS System, as you can see
on this page:

HTML version: http://frik85.fr.funpic.de/reactos/en/index.htm
XHTML version: http://frik85.fr.funpic.de/reactos/xhtml/en/index.html

Note: most pages only consist of "sample text". Also most menu are only an
example. So don't comment that you don't like menu entry "xyz" on the
frontpage, etc. Or why are two main navigation bars there? 

The reason, in my opinion this is the best solution. But in the final
version of the page, this the layout may change a bit ...

The RosCMS System has an inbuild rich text editor and is so very
You can visit the test page and play with the editor (and generate your work
as a static page!): 

There is also the possibility to add a skin support to the page so the end
user can choose his favorite design himself.

The cms interface is not completely finished and not all interface pages are
visible for all user. In near future the complete cms system will be only
viewable with a valid login!
The compatibility and packages database section are only imported (+ new
design) from my alpha page. So the new features in this section are not
online, because this section is not finished (current state).

RosCMS Interface:

Compatibility/Package Database:

What is your opinion? Please write useful comments, thanks.

Best regards,
Klemens Friedl <frik85>

http://frik85.reactos.at (ReactOS Fansite)
http://frik85.fr.funpic.de/reactos/en/index.htm (ReactOS Homepage

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