[ros-web] New ReactOS Homepage: ideas, new features, etc.

Rouven Weßling rouven at rouvenwessling.de
Sun Jul 3 11:49:04 CEST 2005

> In my opinion, Mambo (or any other CMS (or Wiki) solution) is not so good
> for our needs. The mayor feature should be to generate static html/xhtml
> pages without any overhead!

Why did you think a Real CMs isnt good for us? I think a CMS like Mambo
make some things much easier e.g any User can write a howto and the Web
Team must only take a look at it to if it good, may correct it, and
publish it!

For the Application Database the same!

But there a 2 things in Mambo they aren't good in my opinion:
1. The multilanguage feature isn't real good for 'Mambelfish' (So is the
component for Multilanguge in Mambo called') you need one basic language
in there all content exist, and then you can translate in other
language. E.g. if the Basic language English but ou wanna write a news
over the founding of a German MUG (that is only intresting for germans)
It must exist in english to.

2. The User Management is very basicly it exist only 8 User Types

1. Guest (User they are not logged in)
2. Registered (alle registrierten Nutzer)
3. Author (It's allowed to write text)
4. Editor (Its allowed to edit text)
5. Publisher (It's allowed to pblish text)
6. Manager (Do some settings in the Bacend)
7. Administrator (Him its allowed to do nearly everything in the bacend)
8. Super Administrator (He can do everything)

The User 1-5 has only Accesse to the fontend the User 6-8 has access to
font- and bacend!

A higer User has all rights of lower Users so had a Publisher the rights
of a Registered and a author and a Editor.

Some Components allowed a better User Management (e.g the Zoom Gallerie
where you can choose for every User if its allowed for him to watch the
And its exist some components they tune up the User management self, but
they all not perfect.

On the good Site I see that its possibel to integrate much of the
current functions (forum, Blogs) and there a view new functions that are
maybe good for a ReactOS site (Helpdesk, Polls)

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