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Klemens Friedl klemens_friedl at gmx.net
Sat Jul 2 21:47:19 CEST 2005

Last week I had the A-level exams. So I had no time to answer. Sorry!
I read all your comments.

To avoid misunderstanding next time:
With a simple CMS system, I mean some small scripts that allowed the Admins
to edit the Pages with an online editor (wysiwyg rich text editor like
http://www.kevinroth.com/rte/demo.htm ). The benefit of such a simple editor
plus some small scripts to manage and reorder some site parts, is that it is
simple and effective. The only function the CMS provide that is visible for
the end-user is the homepage generation:
This simple CMS will have a function to generate the static pages from the
databased source (added with the wysiwyg editor) and store the output in
different directories (e.g. english: "/en/" ; german: "/de/" ; ...) and set
the links/paths in a correct way. 

Another purpose of the CMS:
Easy to edit content for language translators (with wysiwyg editor).

In my opinion, Mambo (or any other CMS (or Wiki) solution) is not so good
for our needs. The mayor feature should be to generate static html/xhtml
pages without any overhead!

The other features I mentioned are only minor features that can be
implemented as "plugins" as small php scripts included with the wysiwyg
editor. So there is no reason to "vote" against it. These features are not
important (only extras)!

Compatibility / Package Manager Page:
In my opinion, this database should be coded in php like the appdb from
winehq or similar. But wine's appdb is not so powerfull as needed for
ReactOS (software + hardware, packages, etc. in one database). So I think it
speak nothing against. So it make sense to write such a database php script
for ReactOS. Show me a good application database! I know many similar pages,
but all are crappy or inconvenient.
It is my freetime ... but I want to create the best solution for such a
compatibility and package manager database. 
Please visit http://frik85.reactos.at for more information about this.
-> http://frik85.fr.funpic.de/packmgr/

Best regards,
Klemens Friedl

P.S.: I will be on holiday ("Maturareise" or "Abiturreise") until

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