[ros-translate] Starting ball to test out our translation system

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Thu Feb 26 01:01:03 CET 2004

            Hello all,
I'm sending this as a first attempt to start translation. It isn't the way
we will work further, but for first time it is.
This content.rar contains actual content I extracted from the ReactOS User
Site, including it's frontpage.

The intention of this test (which results are actually valuable - I will put
them into the site, and it will become multilanguage) is to test work of LCs
and fulfill the dictionaries with initial data.

So, languages participating in this test run:
1) Dutch (Mark IJbema)
2) German (Thomas Weidenmuller)
3) French (Language Coordinator urgently needed!!! -- write me by email, and
I will announce you as a coordinator)
4) Russian

How to do translation: LC - use your team of translators to translate the
content, and fullfill the dictionary simulteneously.

IMPORTANT: While translating body.html files, please, ALWAYS keep it's
structure, just translate contents.
E.g., if it is written "<strong>ReactOS is the coolest</strong> operating
system on earth" translate exactly with this tags, don't mix or 'correct'
errors. Also if sentence is starting from a new line, yours should start

NOTE to German coordinator - you can even give out tasks to translate the
same content by two translators and then choose the one you like better.

Yet another NOTE - the content.rar doesn't hold all contents of the ReactOS
user Site, since I haven't found an easy way to export it rather than just
editing pages and saving their content from ezPublish. Later I will do a
special db-script I think, which will automatically export and import all
info. But for now I will do this by hand.

There was some discussion about Style Guide for translation. Ok, here is the
very short one, though not style guide but things to do and not to do.
1. Don't translate word-to-word, translate so that it would be pleasant for
you to read your work
2. Don't translate too far from original, otherwise it will be too much
difference between original and your result, people may think that the
translation might be incorrect
3. Don't use slang in the translation. In general to see how to better say
this, see your favourite technical books translated into your language
(well, most of them here in Russia are very bad translated, but there is a
few of them which are good examples)
4. Think of the intended audience of your translation -- it's mostly
beginners to ReactOS and potential ReactOS users, not its developers who
perfectly knows English language.
5. Name your reader formally and politely -- like Sie in German not Du.
6. If you think you're having problems -- communicate with your LC as much
as you can, and you will eventually solve them.
7. Use Dictionaries -- they are made especially for you
8. Listen to what your LC says you and everything will be good :-)
9. If you think some words shouldn't be translated at all -- send them to
your LC and me, we will maintain an additional table for which words we
don't need translation at all.

Ok, let's try how all this works.
With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.
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