[ros-general] ReactOS 0.3.11 release report

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Thu Jan 7 10:42:54 UTC 2010

some statistical information about our latest release - 0.3.11,  
released 16th of Dec, 2009.

Website experienced visitors increase starting 16.12.2009 with almost  
12 000 unique visits and slowly fading out to normal 5 000 by 24th of  
December. The peak value of 16 500 unique visits was registered the  
next day after release announcement - 17th of December.

Main traffic sources for this date period were:
1. Direct traffic - 24k visits
2. Google - 15k
3. habrahabr.ru - 4200
4. osnews.com - 3700
5. techradar.com - 2000
6. meneame.net - 1500
7. golem.de - 1200
8. linux.org.ru - 850

As for countries, it's the first time Russia outperformed Germany and  
moved to the 2nd place after the United States. Good work of our  
Russian PR colleagues! Also, Spain is now on the fourth place, which  
means vicmarcal and his colleagues really did a good job to bring  
their country to such high position. The Top 10 looks this way:
1. USA
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Spain
5. China
6. Ukraine
7. Poland
8. Italy
9. UK
10. Brazil.
  UK still provided rather low visitors count, though it has a high  
potential. More expansion to the United Kingdom is needed.

And it's a fashion trend now to quote web browsers popularity, let's  
use this chance and say Top 5 of web browsers used to visit our  
website during release period:
1. Mozilla FireFox (my congratulations to Mozilla team!) - 40k
2. Internet Explorer - 12k
3. Chrome - 10k (not bad for a start!)
4. Opera - 9k
5. Safari - 2.7k

Release images were as usual published at SourceForge.NET, which has,  
I think, the biggest file mirroring system for opensource projects.  
Overall value by today is that all 0.3.11 related files were  
downloaded 48,654 times since the moment of release. To compare,  
0.3.10 was downloaded 2234,808 times, 0.3.9 101,405 times. Such small  
value for 0.3.11 is explained by only 3 weeks which passed since the  
moment of release, and that those 3 weeks had year's most important  
holidays - Christmas and New Year.

It's also interesting to look what people are mostly interested in  
from what we offer: the definite leader is plain installation ISO,  
which is downloaded almost 19,000 times.
Second place is occupied by the LiveCD with almost 12,000 downloads,  
which shows how important it is to have a working LiveCD for us.
Third place is the VMWare preinstalled image with 6,000 downloads and  
fourth place is VirtualBox with 5,000 downloads. VMWare still leads,  
but VirtualBox did a nice catch up, outperforming QEmu preinstalled  
image which has only 4,000 downloads.
The least downloaded file is the 0.3.11 source code with only  
slightly more than 2,000 downloads so far.

Aleksey Bragin.

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