[ros-general] About filesystem support...

Felipe Villarroel codebreaker at linuxmail.org
Thu Nov 30 23:02:54 CET 2006

im currently working in the ext2 driver, although only in my local copy (i'm still 
learning about the ReactOS kernel...). I currently got it to compile with the current 
trunk, after solving some header problems (the ext2 branch is based on the old ReactOS 
tree structure and it doesnt work (at least the last time i checked)). Note that i have 
applied all my changes to a CC patched trunk.
The CC branch is currently working, applied to a recent version of the trunk. It has 
a "minor" problem under QEMU which slows down disk access at the middle of the 
installation. I dont know why this happens.
I had taken a look at the ReiserFS v3 driver in the vendor folder in the SVN. Im trying to 
get it to compile, but i'm having problems with SEH (i took some parts from the ext2 
branch to disable it).
At this moment my time is very limited. I hope to have some time in the next months to 
continue working on this.

Thats it,

PS: Resending due to wrong format :P

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