[ros-general] Draft of ReactOS case study

Ralph Shumaker rafazap at cwnet.com
Mon Nov 20 21:44:01 CET 2006

Roman Hoegg wrote:
> Dear ReactOS community
> A couple of months ago I've contacted you to tell you that we were doing 
> cases studies for a study about the impacts of diversity and "virtuality" 
> (= collaborating via the internet) in teams. ReactOS was one of the 
> planned case studies. Unfortunately, not all interviews we would have 
> liked to do we were able to conduct. Nevertheless, I tried to summarize 
> what I found the most interesting aspects of ReactOS, its team, its 
> organization and the technologies it uses. I've compiled a draft (!)  of 
> how the case study might look like. You can find it here: 
> http://elektra.mcm.unisg.ch/cases/
> (I didn't want to email you the files directly as I don't think that it 
> would be something that is appreci-ated on mailing lists. )
> If you have some spare time I would very much appreciate if you could take 
> a look at it. Please let me know if there are things that aren't correct, 
> things missing or just stuff you don't think should be in there. Of 
> course, nothing will be published without your approval.

I think that one thing missing is URLs, namely the addresses for the 
Wiki, the Forums, and so on.

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