[ros-general] About filesystem support...

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Mon Nov 6 17:52:23 CET 2006


About EXT2/3 driver
ReactOS have a ext2/3 driver imported from a 3 party project and it works to
read partions
but writing it contain some issue. I do not rember what.

About NTFS driver
it is a port from linux, what I heard it can read NTFS partions more or less
never try it
my self

About CC branch
it is a real mess and some with knowlges about CC should check it or delete
it and start over
you can not applay any patch or code from it to current trunks. for to much
have been change
and the CC branch does not working out of box. for some have mess that up.

I recomdate that current CC be delete and start over.

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Brandon Turner wrote:
>> So... if you are going to use the code from one of the many projects for
>> ext2/3 drivers around there "when they are good enough", why do the ROS
>> source has a driver in /reactos/drivers/filesystems/ext2? Is it one of
>> the popular IFS ext2/3 drivers that has, meanwhile, become "good
>> enough"? Or is it a ReactOS internal subproject?
> I think it is the ext2 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd but
> it is probably a really old version.  It is rumored to work in our CC
> branch but not in trunk.

And what do you mean exactly by CC branch?

Don't forget I'm not a developer... :-) However, you don't have to
explain what a "branch" is... I know it's a copy of something from the
trunk that is put in /branches to allow a separate set of commits (and
remains separated from the trunk until someone remerges it's changes)...
But what's the CC branch?

>> And what about NTFS? Does the driver in
>> /reactos/drivers/filesystems/ntfs do something? Does it read?
>> Is it an internal project?
> I haven't looked at it in a while but I think that it was just a stub
> driver that doesn't do anything.

This question was because the file structure doesn't look like a bunch
of stub functions (which AFAIK normally just report something to a log
system and return an error code)...
Besides, even occupying much less space than the linux-ntfs directory
(and I think that the sizes are comparable even with different APIs), it
could have some functionality, although much less...


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