[ros-general] About filesystem support...

João Jerónimo j_j_b_o_j at yahoo.com.br
Sat Nov 4 23:08:57 CET 2006

Brandon Turner wrote:
>> So... if you are going to use the code from one of the many projects for 
>> ext2/3 drivers around there "when they are good enough", why do the ROS 
>> source has a driver in /reactos/drivers/filesystems/ext2? Is it one of 
>> the popular IFS ext2/3 drivers that has, meanwhile, become "good 
>> enough"? Or is it a ReactOS internal subproject?
> I think it is the ext2 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ext2fsd but 
> it is probably a really old version.  It is rumored to work in our CC 
> branch but not in trunk.

And what do you mean exactly by CC branch?

Don't forget I'm not a developer... :-) However, you don't have to 
explain what a "branch" is... I know it's a copy of something from the 
trunk that is put in /branches to allow a separate set of commits (and 
remains separated from the trunk until someone remerges it's changes)...
But what's the CC branch?

>> And what about NTFS? Does the driver in 
>> /reactos/drivers/filesystems/ntfs do something? Does it read?
>> Is it an internal project?
> I haven't looked at it in a while but I think that it was just a stub 
> driver that doesn't do anything.

This question was because the file structure doesn't look like a bunch 
of stub functions (which AFAIK normally just report something to a log 
system and return an error code)...
Besides, even occupying much less space than the linux-ntfs directory 
(and I think that the sizes are comparable even with different APIs), it 
could have some functionality, although much less...


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