[ros-general] About filesystem support...

João Jerónimo j_j_b_o_j at yahoo.com.br
Sat Nov 4 21:38:41 CET 2006

I've just read the filesystems section of the Developer FAQ and it says:
 - Q* Why don't you implement Ext2/3 instead of focusing on NTFS?*
 - A* Because NTFS is a major feature which must be supported at some 
time. Ext2/3 is of course a topic for us, however there are already 
projects whose goal it is to implement Ext2/3 for NT. We will utilize 
these drivers when they are good enough.

So... if you are going to use the code from one of the many projects for 
ext2/3 drivers around there "when they are good enough", why do the ROS 
source has a driver in /reactos/drivers/filesystems/ext2? Is it one of 
the popular IFS ext2/3 drivers that has, meanwhile, become "good 
enough"? Or is it a ReactOS internal subproject?

And what about NTFS? Does the driver in 
/reactos/drivers/filesystems/ntfs do something? Does it read?
Is it an internal project?


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