[ros-general] Google Summer Of Code 2006 mentoring organizationrequest

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at studiocerebral.com
Tue Apr 18 18:12:30 UTC 2006

Good news: Google SoC just granted ReactOS submission to SoC 2006 !

We are negotiating technical details now, and soon information will appear 
on the official SoC 2006 web-site.

Meanwhile, we already should start compiling a list of project's suggestions 
for it. Everyone is welcome to provide suggested projects, however please 
have in mind that only 1 student can do 1 project (or separate part of the 
bigger project). The project should sound interesting to a student who takes 
it, it should be doable and should have exact tasks to do.

Examples of good projects suggestions:
- Develop ext3 IFS driver for Windows XP/2003
- Develop Reiser IFS driver for Windows XP/2003
- Develop a Windows XP or 2003 compatible USB 2.0 stack based on Linux's USB 
drivers using a wrapper

Examples of bad projects suggestions:
- Rewrite win32k
- Finish ReactOS
- similar vast and not exact things.

Aleksey Bragin.

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>    Hello,
> I just want to let you know that I submitted a request to Google's Summer 
> Of Code 2006, for ReactOS Foundation to become a mentoring organization in 
> SOC 2006.
> I will let you know their decision as soon as they send the reply to me.
> With the best regards,
> Aleksey Bragin. 

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