[ros-dev] Git Migration on October 3!

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Thu Sep 21 15:37:45 UTC 2017

Hi all!

With our infra/toolchain now being fully prepared for the Git migration,
I can finally say that there are no more blockers holding us back.
Therefore I'm announcing that the migration from SVN to Git will take
place on

     TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2017

During that day (European time) SVN will be turned read-only forever and
some of our services may expect temporary downtime.
Let's see who will get the last commit ever to SVN :)

The new repository will then be available at
https://github.com/reactos/reactos, with https://git.reactos.org
providing a mirror.

The following things are still on the To-Do list, but I don't consider
them blockers. We can work on them iteratively after the migration:

* Writing a new .gitignore file.
* Writing a .gitattributes file to enforce EOL style.
* Writing Git guides on our Wiki for beginners and SVN users.

Best regards,


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