[ros-dev] ReactOS Hybrid CDs

Hermès BÉLUSCA - MAÏTO hermes.belusca at sfr.fr
Sun Jan 18 23:12:21 UTC 2015

Hi all !


Our build system is now able to build so-called “hybrid cds” . What are

They are boot+live-cd all-in-one. In addition it is now possible with them
to load the live cd as a ramdisk. For that the contents of the bootcd is
placed into a bootcd/ directory, the contents of the livecd is placed into a
livecd/ directory, and the livecd image itself is also included (this is the
one that is used for livecd ramdisk). You can notice that makes a lot of
redundancy, but it’s the best thing I could do for now. The best way would
be to build some kind of flat HDD image that is used as the livecd ramdisk
(and never use the livecd with reads from the cd as we currently do
) .


So here it is !

In addition you can add extra custom files via the build process: just place
your files into a <your_ROS_source>/modules/hybridcd_extras/ directory (this
directory doesn’t exist by default, it’s up to you to create and populate
it; I think it’s better to create a directory somewhere else and then add a
symlink “hybridcd_extras” to this directory, inside the modules/ directory,
as you already do with rosapps and rostests).

After that you configure a build, build the host-tools and then ninja
hybridcd !!

If then you need to change the custom files, do it and then reconfigure a
build with the “cmake .” command (when you’re inside
<your_ROS_builddir>/reactos/ ) so that cmake can build again the list of
files to be included into the hybridcd.


See https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-9069 for few more details.




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