[ros-dev] July Meeting Minutes

Colin Finck colin at reactos.org
Thu Jul 28 21:15:31 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Today's planned meeting has been postponed to the 25th August (the time 
of the next regular meeting) based on a voting of the participants 
present at 19:39 UTC. These were:
   * Giannis Adamopoulos
   * Javier Agustìn Fernàndez Arroyo
   * Maciej Bialas
   * Thomas Faber
   * Colin Finck
   * Ziliang Guo
   * Cameron Gutman
   * Rafal Harabien
   * Timo Kreuzer
   * Matthias Kupfer
   * Igor Paliychuk
   * Sylvain Petreolle
   * Daniel Reimer
   * Pierre Schweitzer
   * Samuel Serapion
   * Olaf Siejka

○ Result:

   [19:44] <VoteBot> Question: Please vote for a date for postponing
                     this meeting.
   [19:44] <VoteBot> Answers:
   [19:44] <VoteBot>    Abstention - 7 votes
   [19:44] <VoteBot>    11th August (in 2 weeks) - 3 votes
   [19:44] <VoteBot>    25th August (in 4 weeks, regular next meeting) -
                        6 votes
   [19:44] <VoteBot> Total number of votes: 16

○ Main reasons were that the following people were still not present
   at the time of voting:
     * Aleksey Bragin (supposed meeting leader and key person in the
       Arwinss and Release preparation agenda points)
     * Amine Khaldi (supposed backup meeting leader and key person in the
       CMake agenda point)
     * Ged Murphy (key person in the GSoC and Driver Signing agenda

○ Unfortunately, nobody has been prepared for this kind of situation,
   so a lot of time has been wasted and confusing decisions might have
   been made.

○ Postponing the points also gives Aleksey time to prepare a new
   Arwinss build and the Build Environment guys (Daniel, me, anybody
   wants to join?) time to prepare a final CMake version of RosBE, which
   might be a factor when deciding about doing the migration to CMake.

○ The IRC Server has been closed at 20:03 UTC.

To allow the participants to get an unbiased idea about today's meeting, 
I will post the original IRC log by the server to ros-priv. Would 
actually like to make it public on ros-dev as well, but will abstain 
from doing so until Ged's confusion about the openness of our meetings 
is cleared.

If people have already prepared texts for this meeting (status updates, 
whatever else you wanted to say), please send them to my E-Mail address 
within the next 3 days and I'll compose a summary out of them, which I 
will send to ros-dev.
If you think that these texts don't just deserve a simple summary, keep 
them for the next meeting or do whatever you want about them.

And finally a personal note: Please keep in mind that it was not an easy 
decision for me to just close the IRC Server after I believed that main 
discussions were over. If I had left it running, it would have 
invalidated the voting (again) and participants would have treated the 
meeting even more as a joke. By closing it, I obviously received 
complaints from people who had prepared stuff for this meeting and 
wanted to revive it.

In good hopes,


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