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Gabriel ilardi gabrielilardi at hotmail.it
Thu Apr 15 15:14:01 CEST 2010

Hi team,

I don't know why, but it seems that bugzilla and ros-bugs is being ignored, except for some exceptions where I've seen regressions fixed lately.

IMHO it's extremely important the perception people have about us when they test ros, if ros improved overall but that's not noticeable to the end user
the final perception will be bad, now if we want a cooler release than 0.3.11 and older revisions, people should feel the improvement.

I'm gonna make a short sum up of what I think it should be fixed or tried to at least to accomplish that (this list contains not only regressions but bugs that would improve the ros perception for the average user):

I hope we can all work as a team to try and fix these issues, I can only offer my help testing as that's the thing I know best atm.

GUI perception:
642 hotkeys not supported:
Wouldn't it be cool to hit Win+R to run, Start menu appearing when hitting win, etc.? copy paste files with the keyboard...
I'd also add here, we need to be able to switch applications with alt-tab, I remember johannes did something related to this long ago.

969 Minimized windows are shown on the desktop, no need to mention that this reminds me of win 3.11, good old times, but that was long ago...

1603 can't exit rename state

2320 clock doesn't show properly (partially shown), this exists since I remember too.

2322 Hide inactive icons doesn't work, please remove this... option :)

2328 Shell doesn't restart upon its failure

2428 non stop scrolling hangs entire gui, aka "if you do dir /s in real hardware go have a good breakfast"

2788 unwanted multiple selection while doing a right click on the desktop, ugly when you have multiple icons on your desktop and launch them because of this

3101 our remote dekstop can't be used, you can't change settings

3171 focus doesn't change back to parent window

3212 different keyboard responses, also keyboard doesn't work correctly with dinput see bug 4405

4379 hovering the mouse over the start menu spoils the text

4847 File copying dialog is missing

4915 Control panel: Keyboard doesn't work after opening and closing an applet

4960 ReactOS restarts at the beginning of 2nd stage if you hit ESC

Explorer has all kind of visual glitches you can imagine and even more.
keyboard layout issues: it's language dependent when it shouldn't be, changing keyboard layout doesn't work,
kb layout tools dont' work, wrong keyboard layout in cmd see 3317, 2132, 2133, 2178, 2952, see also profiles problems below
Visual/Graphic bugs:
There are tons of these, I'll name a few, luckily we have Arwinss.
3624 worksoft navigator can't be minimized.
3680 Blinking text while installing vc2008 redist package
4051 Command Prompt icon showed through a window

Users need to save a file to the desktop and see it has been created, see bug 1249 and also 2821.
Winamp main window is unclicable, this has existed since I rememer, bug 1239.
taskmgr shows still processes that have been killed, see bug 1567.
2393 you need to move the mouse to make firefox work (thanks arwinss for this too).
Profiles: They are messed, %TEMP% has some issues see bugs 2482, 2972, also 4008 and 4102, all users desktop icons don't appear in user's desktop 4289, also bug 4444.
2622 console doesn't support scrolling at all.
2978 we can't search it regedit, it doesn't work and hangs the app.
3225 3dtext screensaver shows garbled text
3429 can't select any color in comdlg32 color dialog, since I remember too...
3559 Double-click on application icon does not close application.
3781 Tab Key does not work for "SysIPAddress32" controls
3883 screensaver doesn't start automatically
3966 can't hit enter on a selected item to open it
4049 changing screen resolutions requires restart, thanks Timo aka yaratows master! :)
4066 Notepad, uses two different fonts / highlighted text invisible
4106 Wrong text spacing in popup menus / icons after show a font in control applet / Remote Desktop
4185 [PATCH] Netstat produces b*llshit, should we apply the patch ?
4377 Notepad: Find command doesn't work right.
4380 Real Hardware: mouse wheel doesn't work
4383 Can't delete many items from Desktop at once using the mouse
4501 When closing one window, Firefox gets restored if it was minimized
4560 explorer mouse rectangle doesn't work anymore (I'm not sure it ever worked, it does work in arwinss)
4676 Unable to restore down a maximised window
4779 K-Meleon popup menus dont work
4835 Regression: Memory usage continuously decreases in task manager even though memory usage doesn't change (HACKFIXED)
5005 Foxit reader, program starts automatically instead of the installation wizard
5030 Changing color depth resets the wallpaper to none
5059 mIRC 6.35 server list with unusable scrollbar
5066 PATCH : Incorrect sending of mouse messages, can someone take a look ?
5099 [metabug]ReactOS new loader doesnt work with more than 3584 MB of RAM, let's not forget this one 5100 and 5101 too

3716 Livecd networking does not work in qemu
3727 Regression: roscalc problems with keyboard input etc.
4461 Regression: Notepad Lite
4568 Regression: Startup Folder stopped working (see profiles and environment vars too)
4677 Regression: Can't restore minimized windows
4811 Recent AbiWord toolbar regression: comctl32 sync r42706
4926 Regression: Tworld and DosBox don't work
4948 [Regression] Can't close locale settings dialog on 2nd stage of setup
4951 [Regression] 'whois' hangs
5035 Regression: Abiword - Fonts listbox isn't shown properly
5276 Regression: shell about dialog doesn't display header bitmap
5294 Regression: Device manager list is empty

x-chat used to work, it looked bad, now it doesn't even start, there's 
no specific regression bug filed for this, see bug 1176

Features needed:
USB keyboard and mouse are a must nowadays, ps/2 won't last much longer..., bug 1041, also ps/2 doesn't work if you unplug it and replug it later bug 1395.

Installation/USetup needs to be able to handle bootmgrs, and other partitions when they are present, at least give you the possibility to wipe everything up.
also 2564 ros doesn't mount logical units on extended partitions, see also 2733, 4368, 4614, 5270

VGA/VBE bug 2073 ros does not work on vga display. See also 2286, 4354, 4447, 4192
Several uniata issues in real hw 4591, 4995
We need drag & drop a wokring clipboard

Last but not least there's a regression not filed yet to my knowledge:

(subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/vis.c:75) ATM the Current Window or Parent is dead!
(subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/vis.c:75) ATM the Current Window or Parent is dead!
(subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/windc.c:738) Not POWNED or CLASSDC hwndCurrent -> 20168
Assertion 'FALSE' failed at subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/windc.c line 739
PuTTYEntered debugger on embedded INT3 at 0x0008:0x808e5e5e.
kdb:> bt
<ntoskrnl.exe:e5e5f (lib/rtl/i386/debug_asm.S:33 (DbgBreakPoint at 0))>
<win32k.sys:7b79e (subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/windc.c:739 (@DceFreeWindowDCE at 4))>
<win32k.sys:7f69c (subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/window.c:488 (co_UserFreeWindow))>
<win32k.sys:7fab7 (subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/window.c:2747 (@co_UserDestroyWindow at 4))>
<win32k.sys:7faed (subsystems/win32/win32k/ntuser/window.c:2771 (NtUserDestroyWindow at 4))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:6fb7 (ntoskrnl/ke/i386/traphdlr.c:1564 (@KiSystemServiceHandler at 8))>
<ntoskrnl.exe:e041d (ntoskrnl/ke/i386/trap.s:127 (KiInterruptTemplateDispatch))>
<explorer.exe:16e2a>--- Press q to abort, any other key to continue ---

--- Press q to abort, any other key to continue ---

I'll be back, promise ;).
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