[ros-dev] Trunk locked

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Sat Nov 28 20:54:26 CET 2009

You all are so impatient that I couldn't even have had supper between  
I unlocked trunk and the moment of posting about this to the mailing  
list :)

Now, trunk is unlocked since last two major problems are solved:
1. Network is unegressed by reverting oskit locking rewrite. Despite  
it's a good thing, unfortunately it's buggy and finding this bug  
turned out to be non-trivial.
2. Uniata still needs higher delays (in VirtualBox), so we are going  
to fine tune it with Olaf or Gabriel who experience this problem and  
commit the result in trunk / merge to 0.3.11 branch.

0.3.11 release has been branched now, it's going to include a few  
more merges from trunk (the above), then a prerelease iso is going to  
be prepared by Colin and tested by Victor Martinez & co, after that  
we should release.

All of this (most of it) should (must) happen before ~Wednesday of  
next week, because I may not be available on wednesday and thursday.  
Don't forget changelogs!

Aleksey Bragin.

On Nov 28, 2009, at 8:06 PM, Ged Murphy wrote:

> You’re probably all sick of me saying this (as I am saying it), but  
> IRC is the wrong place to make such announcements.
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> Aleksey announced via IRC that trunk is open for commits again.
> 2009/11/28 Ged Murphy <gedmurphy at gmail.com>
> I assume trunk is now unlocked??
> There's been no mention of it but commits have restarted
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> Subject: [ros-dev] Trunk locked
>        Hello,
> the trunk of our SVN server has been locked to prevent even more
> regression from entering the tree.
> So far, after more than 3 weeks after I filed the bug report and not
> including all previous time when people were complaining about rapps
> which can't download anything at all - either hangs or crashes, I see
> that now even PCNet network card is being recognized in my VMWare
> Workstation 6.5.
> Trunk is writable right now by members of the bugfix team only,
> that's so far Cameron (because he is the one supposed to fix
> networking) and me. If someone volunteers to fix any of the existing
> regressions, please let me know on irc/email, I'll include you into
> the bugfix team.
> Thanks for understanding, and patience. My patience is over.
> WBR,
> Aleksey Bragin.

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