[ros-dev] I have left ReactOS

Andrew Greenwood silverblade at reactos.org
Sat May 23 11:37:26 CEST 2009


This mail is a little bit late as I didn't find time to write it earlier.

Basically, I've decided that I do not want to continue working on
ReactOS. I just don't find it "fun" or interesting to do any more.

I spent months trying to get my head around Kernel Streaming and its
associated components, how they fit together let alone how they actually
function. And really, it's not enjoyable. I don't fully understand
Windows kernel-mode coding, and coding the sound system really isn't as
straightforward a task as I had originally anticipated. It has become
more of a chore over time.

Considering I made the switch from Windows to Linux around 2005 and have
rarely actually needed to use Windows at home since then, there doesn't
seem to be any benefit for me to put my time into working on ReactOS.

Also I never really seemed to get very far with sound... I see
Janderwald has taken up the challenge on this and is making good
progress on it.

I had been considering leaving a few months ago, but stuck around for
our gathering in Brussels, which was great (aside from the restaurant
which seemed like it was going to cook its customers, and the
overly-smiley waiter who didn't fully explain what "special sauce"
contained...) To be honest I think putting the hybrid CD together for
that to be my best and also most hacky achievement for ReactOS. Starflow
produced all the fliers/badges/etc. and I think altogether, FOSDEM was a
success. And I hope it sparked interest for other people to join the

I intend on working on some of my own projects from this point on
(possibly audio related still...)

All the best for the future,

Andrew Greenwood

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