[ros-dev] Development plans for May

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Thu Jun 11 19:01:55 CEST 2009

As you may noticed, May month is over, here is an update on that  
month's development plan, and a request to responsible people to  
comment on those too.

On Apr 28, 2009, at 9:25 PM, Aleksey Bragin wrote:

> - USB support for keyboard and mouse devices. Right now, it needs
> fixing the rare crash during booting (bug is bugzilled, comment
> explaining how to solve the problem is attached, some investigation
> remains), and more testing on real hardware.
Crashes were not that rare, I would say they were quite often. Fixed.  
USB enabled in trunk.

> - Uniata support: it solves many problems at once, such as a stupid
> 8Gb limit which is a nonsense for a 2009-year operating system, and
> Serial ATA support, which greatly enhances possible ReactOS usability
> (along with the first item of this list). I use it in my builds
> everyday for more than a month, it works very good. Problems:
> VirtualBox CDROM support (it doesn't recognize it), on my
> realhardware it also experiences similar problems. Bug is also
> bugzilled, a lot of debug logs attached, so everyone can participate.
Fixed, uniata enabled in trunk.

> - Common NICs support: Cameron is doing great work, testers too.
> There are some outstanding problems, which you can see from http://
> www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/Supported_Hardware/Network_cards
Situation improved, would be good if Cameron could provide a short  
overview of what exactly has been improved, what NICs are supported now.

> - Sound support: Johannes knows best, but getting any progress with
> sound by 0.3.10 release date is greatly appreciated.
Johannes - would you comment please, what improvements sound system  
got from 1st of may till today?

> - Videocards support: Olaf performs some tesitng and bugreporting.
> Third party drivers support is rather weak, http://www.reactos.org/
> wiki/index.php/Supported_Hardware/Video_cards , and usually is
> limited by VMWare's video driver which is being one of the most
> supported through the ReactOS development history.
Olaf - please comment.

> Besides of that, Olaf is organizing the Golden Apps testing, so that
> we won't discover regressions occasionally or by the time the release
> is branched and  everyone is awaiting, but instead that's going to
> happen on a periodical basis, and he's going to manage this process
> with help of our fellow testers.
Olaf and Victor Martinez - please comment.

> Target 0.3.10 release date is month from now on - that means,
> somewhere in the end of May. Certainly, if our goals aren't met, the
> release is going to be rescheduled and that's it, but, I'd like to
> ask to concentrate on the above problems first. They are hard to
> solve when every problem is being approached by one person, but with
> a common effort they aren't going to be a problem.

Updated release time would be to branch either end of this week or  
beginning of the next week. Any objections, comments, proposals?

With the best regards,
Aleksey Bragin.

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