[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Tue Jan 31 23:47:46 CET 2006

I against not implenet undoc api until apps need it. 
I think it need be implement as fast posible 
I know alot of manufactor using undoc api in there drivers
and it will be hel for us to found wish drv why it behoiver is like this

I agree with alex 

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> As other people have commented, some applications may make use of 
> undocumented API calls.
> In a lot of cases the undocumented APIs may just be used internally, 
> with no intention of 3rd-party software using them.
> Whatever the case, it's worth documenting the undocumented APIs first of 
> all, and leaving them unimplemented. Where they are necessary for the 
> core components to function, we should substitute our own.
> Then we wait for people to start filing bug reports saying application X 
> doesn't run, and if it turns out a missing undocumented API function is 
> needed, we implement it.
> And/or we could stub the function calls and have them throw up an error 
> message to indicate that an undocumented API is being used, and to tell 
> the user to notify the devs or something.
> But documentation is important in this case.
> In summary:
> 1) Document all known undocumented APIs
> 2) Don't implement any of them (or, at most, stubs.)
> 3) Create an alternative for any undocumented API used internally
> 4) Only implement an undocumented API in the same way as Windows if 
> third-party components depend on it.
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