[ros-dev] Flow chart

Ged Murphy gedmurphy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 23:24:30 CET 2006

Hi all.

Would someone be willing to put a flow chart together on moving code 
from the main branch to the audited branch.
I think if something like this is put in place, it would ensure everyone 
was operating in the same manner.

Pasted from IRC when discussing the audit methodologies:

<GedMurphy> I understand what qualifies for being 'unclean' (which it 
seems most of ReactOS will be initially), in which case it should be 
placed into the intermediate repository.  However it isn't clearly 
stated what happens then. If documentation can't be located or test 
cases aren't written, how is that code further analized?
<sedwards> If the code is 'unclean' then someone need to mark themselves 
down to rewrite it on the audit page
<GedMurphy> but what if it's not unclean, but there is no documentation 
for it? Is it automatically deemed to be unclean in that case?
<GedMurphy> e.g. Exception wrote most of the original part of the 
network stack. I'm positive this was done in a clean manner, but where 
are the docs? Does he still have them? What happens if there aren't any 
or they have been lost?
<GedMurphy> does rewriting them automatically mean that code is then ok?
<GedMurphy> senario 2. No docs can be found, but someone writes some. If 
that code was ripped from Windows assemblies but we provide docs, that 
code might get through. However it doesn't get around the fact that it's 
been 'borrowed' from Windows dissasemblies.
<GedMurphy> at what point in the audit is the code checked for 
similarities to the Windows counterpart, if at all?
<GedMurphy> This is what I mean by set methodologies.  Something should 
be laid down, like a flow chart

I would offer to do it,  but I think one of our more experienced dev 
would make a better job. Maybe someone who has done something like this 
before.  I was hoping for one to follow for myself to make sure I don't 
drop a b*ll*ck :)


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