[ros-dev] Re: Undocumented APIs

mf mf at mufunyo.net
Tue Jan 31 23:22:14 CET 2006


Casper Hornstrup wrote:
> I'd like to put this amendment to the IP policy to a vote, but first let's
> start with the 7 day discussion period.
> "If an API or a particular behaviour of an API which is part of the
> Windows(R) operating system is not publicly documented by Microsoft, then
> the API or the particular behaviour of the API may only be implemented in
> ReactOS if there is documentation of published software which depend on the
> API or the particular behaviour of the API, and which is not only
> distributed with the Windows(R) operating system. The documentation must be
> available in the repository."

Too vague in my book. I request a reformulation. I sort of get what you 
try to indicate, but it's too easy to explain incorrectly and the 
meaning as I understand it doesn't include enough APIs to be of any 
significance to note down in the IP policy. There are also arguments 
against it, like the educational purpose of being able to lecture at 
universities on the subject of NT using ReactOS. In its current form, I 
would vote against the amendment.


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