[ros-dev] Undocumented APIs

James Tabor jimtabor at adsl-64-217-116-74.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Tue Jan 31 23:03:16 CET 2006

art yerkes wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:17:30 +0100
> "Casper Hornstrup" <ch at eudicon.com> wrote:
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>>>I implemented a large number of APIs probably only very few applications
>>>use. I usually did that out of boredom or just for fun.
>>>- Thomas
>>Which is of course fine, but since ReactOS has no use for it, why commit it?
>>It isn't needed to meet the goals of ReactOS.
> I don't agree with this sentiment at all.  We've always before been proactive
> about implementing at least visible parts of the API to make it more likely
> that applications we didn't know about would have a chance to work.  I think
> that's a reasonable way to work, especially if you're working in an area you've
> got a good understanding of.
I agree with arty! I'm sick and tired about this anti-Reactos points of view! It's
obvious now, we have some developers not interested in making Reactos work with other

Exception just the bootsectors, but I'm not starting until I see the modified IP policy

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